The Wednesday Club of Saint Louis was founded in 1890 by women who wished to continue their intellectual growth, stay abreast of the times, and contribute to the community.

From the Club’s beginning, members have worked together to advance culture, education, and civic improvement. Early activities involved Club participation in portrayal of women’s professions at the 1904 World’s Fair, abolishment of child labor in local factories, establishment of traveling libraries, and smoke abatement in the downtown area. Today, members are actively involved in the community and focus on studying the areas of science, history, education, literature, the arts, and world affairs.

For many years the Club was located at the corner of Westminster Place and Taylor. In 1973 it moved to the present location on Ladue Road.

The distinguished history of the Club, the firm but “living” bylaws, together with the cooperation and mutual respect among the members, have created a vital organization. We are proud of our legacy.

The Executive Board, composed of elected officers and Standing Committee and Study Section Chairmen, meets monthly and oversees all functions of the Club.

Programs and budgets are approved by the Board and the membership. The Executive Board approves the employment of an Executive Director who is responsible for the daily operation of the Club.

Club members select the Standing Committees and Study Sections in which they want to participate. Each Section determines a theme of study for the year and then plans and presents four programs. These become the calendar for the year. Programs are presented before and following Wednesday luncheons. Speakers are from cultural and civic institutions, Club membership and the fields of education, science, business, and the media. Special interest groups such as a Writers’ Workshop and the Great Decisions seminars, the Great Books program, Poetry Readers, a drawing and painting group along with a stitching group, and instructional bridge, supplement the Sections’ formal agenda.

The Club awards need-based scholarships to students attending Missouri schools. The educational institutions select the recipients.

Continuing its encouragement in the arts, the Club sponsors and awards prizes for an annual community Original Verse Contest. In addition, creative writing awards are given to local university students selected by the institutions.

The Wednesday Club of Saint Louis, through the generosity of members and Club investment earnings, contributes to the educational, civic, and cultural needs of the St. Louis community.

Study Sections
Art                          International Studies
Civics                      Literature
Creative Work         Music
Dramatic Study        Poetics
Education                Science
History                    Workshops

Standing Committees
Archives                  Hospitality
Bylaws                    House
Finance                   Luncheon
Grounds                  Membership
Guests                     Philanthropy